2013 Cover der Depeche Mode-Single Should Be Higher.


2013 Depeche Mode - Soothe My Soul


2013 Depeche Mode - Heaven

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2011 Personal Jesus 2011

2009 hole-to-feed_fragile tension Hole To Feed / Fragile Tension

2009 Peace Peace

2009 Wrong

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2006 Martyr Martyr

2006 John The Revelator John The Revelator / Lilian

2006 Suffer Well Suffer Well

2005 A Pain That I'm Used To A Pain That I’m Used To

2005 Precious Precious

2004 Enjoy The Silence 04


2002 Goodnight Lovers

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2001 Freelove Freelove

2001 I Feel Loved I Feel Loved

2001 Dream On Dream On

1998 Only When I Lose Myself Only When I Lose Myself

1997 Useless Useless

1997 Home Home

1997 It's No Good It’s No Good

1997 Barrel Of A Gun Barrel Of A Gun

1994 In Your Room In Your Room

1993 Condemnation

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1993 Walking In My Shoes Walking In My Shoes

1993 Depeche Mode - I Feel You

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1990 World In My Eyes World In My Eyes

1990 Policy Of Truth Policy Of Truth

1990 Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

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1989 Personal Jesus Personal Jesus

1989 Everything Counts Live (Single) Everything Counts (Live)

1988 Little 15 Little 15

1987 Behind The Wheel Behind The Wheel

1987 Never Let Me Down Again (Single) Never Let Me Down Again

1987 Strangelove (Single) Strangelove

1986 A Question Of Time

1986 A Question Of Lust

1986 Sripped

1985 It's Called A Heart (Single) It’s Called A Heart

1985 Shake The Disease Shake The Disease

1984 Blasphemous Rumours / Somebody Blasphemous Rumours / Somebody

1984 Master And Servant (Single) Master And Servant

1984 People Are People (Single)

1983 Love, In Itself Love, In Itself

1983 Everything Counts Everything Counts

1983 get-the-balance-right Get The Balance Right

1982 leave-in-silence Leave In Silence

1982 The Meaning Of Love (Single) The Meaning Of Love

1982 See You

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1981 just-cant-get-enough Just Can’t get Enough

1981 New Life (Single)

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1981 depeche-mode-dreaming-of-me

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