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Always You

My love, the world’s upside downMy love, no solid groundMy love, there are no more factsMy love, reality’s cracked And then there’s youThere’s always youYou’re all I need to keep

People Are Good

Keep telling myselfThat people are goodWhisper it under my breathSo I don’t forget Keep fooling myselfThat they do all they canSometimes they simply slip upBut it’s not what they meant

Caroline’s Monkey

Caroline knows how fragile we areWith hope as our faithWe look to the starsCaroline’s monkey is crying againThere’s no satisfactionOn Caroline’s train Caroline leaks through holes in her skinHer promise

My Favourite Stranger

Some perfect strangerSneaks on tiptoesSteals my shadowAnd goes where I go My favourite strangerStands in my mirrorPuts words in my mouthAll broke and bitter Some perfect strangerMy imitationDrops my name

Speak To Me

Speak to me, and I will followI heard you call my nameLying, on the bathroom floorNo one here to blameThere’s a message I know can be foundI’m listening, I hear

Never Let Me Go

I’m waiting for your loveI know you’ll want meWhen your body’s had enoughYour senses will seeThere’s only so much timeWe have to play withTo waste it is a crimeWe have

Before We Drown

I’ve been thinking I can come back homeSo how would that be, you and I alone? All alone I have a feeling, you’re not on my sideThere’s a distance, between

Soul With Me

I’m heading for the ever afterLeaving my problemsAnd the world’s disastersI’m heading for the open sky I see the beautyAs the leaves start fallingFollow the lightTowards the voices callingI’m going

Wagging Tongue

You won’t do well to silence meWith your words or wagging tongueWith your long tall tales of sorrowYour song yet to be sung I won’t be offendedIf I’m left across

Don’t Say You Love Me

You’ll be the killerI’ll be the corpseYou’ll be the thrillerAnd I’ll be the drama, of course If you play the sinnerI’ll play the stainIf you play the winnerI’ll be your

Ghosts Again

Wasted feelingsBroken meaningsTime is fleetingSee what it brings Hellos, goodbyesA thousand midnightsLost in sleepless lullabies Heaven’s dreamingThoughtless thoughts, my friendsWe know we’ll be ghosts again Sunday’s shiningSilver liningsWeightless hoursAll my


People Do we call this trying? We’re hopeless Forget the denying Our souls are corrupt Our minds are messed up Our consciences bankrupt Oh, we’re fucked People What are we

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