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My favourite song on the new album, thank you so much for playing it live in Munich yesterday! Unfortunately we as the audience didn’t get this „head voice-alike“ Love is all I want-thing Dave wanted us to sing. Anyway, I hope the three of them enjoyed our alternative: Just screeming. I also liked the videos and artwork a lot, especially the dogs and the hat-video! Martin gave impressively proof of his frontman-qualities, Andy may pushed the „Personal Jesus-button“ at an unusual time, but he luckily has enabled us to enjoy an extended Personal Jesus-experience by doing that, Dave: Just brilliant! But nevertheless I didn’t choose the Dave-shirt because depeche mode is Andy, Martin and Dave, the three of them together (and not just on the back, even if I like this „frontman-metaphor“ in placing him in the front of the shirt) Thanks god they found each other more than 30 years ago! I hope they have a save trip to Stuttgart (without needing a tour-rubber boat)