Depeche Mode live (Foto: Uwe Grund)While we are still waiting for news to come about the Depeche Mode tour, Dave Gahan made in interesting statement in an interview with Clash magazine saying that the world tour will last at least until next summer.

„It’s a big thing. It’s a plan that you make for the next few years. It’s not going to be over until the summer of 2014. That kind of blows me away a bit when I start to think about that. But going on the road and performing is a fantastic thing.“, he says.

But when will the tour start? And where? All we know is, that the tour will likely be kicking off right after releasing the new album what is planned for spring 2013. Rumours floating around earlier this month predict a beginning of the tour in March. We further know that tickets will not be on sale before late fall.

Seems like we have to wait another round. Time for putting in last tour’s DVD Tour Of The Universe to bridge over ;)

 Sven Plaggemeier
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