Recoil - Inheritance

‚Spirit Of Talk Talk‘ is a double album ( / which features 30 acts from around the globe re-interpreting some of the best Talk Talk tracks of 30 years. Among the acts is Alan Wilder who did a Recoil version of ‚Inheritance“. To accompany his contribution Alan now released a music video.

The film was shot in Moscow and directed by Dmitry Semenov who was responsible for several Recoil videos in the past.

Says Alan: „I just sent the track to Dmitry, offering up a few of my own thoughts, but basically giving him a free reign to interpret the music and words in any way he saw fit. He sent me his rough ideas and work-in-progress, and I gave some feedback about the images I thought worked best. We tried to create two very different atmospheres to compliment the dark oppressive feel of the verses contrasted against the more epic, expansive chorus – hence the switch from claustrophobic interiors into open space and white snow as the film comes to its conclusion.“

Spirit of Talk Talk ( /

Disc 1
01. Lone Wolf – Wealth
02. Zero 7 (Feat Only Girl) – The Colour Of Spring
03. S Carey (Bon Iver) – I Believe In You
04. Recoil (Feat Shara Worden) – Dum Dum Girl
05. Duncan Sheik – Life’s What You Make It
06. Thomas Feiner / Fyfe Dangerfield / Robbie Wilson – The Rainbow
07. Halloween, Alaska – After The Flood
08. Nils Frahm / Peter Broderick / Davide Rossi – It’s Getting Late In The Evening
09. King Creosote – Give It Up
10. Lights (Feat Darkstars) – Living In Another World
11. Zelienople – The Rainbow
12. Joan As Police Woman – Myrrhman
13. The Last Dinosaur – Runeii
14. Jack Northover – ?

Disc 2
01. The Tenfivesixty – It’s My Life
02. Recoil (Feat Linton Kwesi Johnson & Paul Marshall) – Inheritance
03. Turin Brakes – Ascension Day
04. White Belt Yellow Tag – Today
05. Ian Curnow (Feat Human) – I Don’t Believe In You
06. Goldheart Assembly – Chameleon Day
07. Matthias Vogt Trio – April 5th
08. Do Make Say Think – New Grass
09. Jason Lytle – Tomorrow’s Started
10. White Lies – Give It Up
11. Lia Aces – Time It’s Time
12. The Lovetones – The Party’s Over
13. Thomas White – Candy
14. The Black Ships (Feat Amelia Tucker) – Renee
15. The Acorn – Taphead
16. Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire) – I Believe In You

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