Exciting news: Depeche Mode are currently working hard on their new album which is approximately out in spring 2013. According to singer Dave Gahan the band is about to put out some tracks before – probably at the end of the year!

„We’ve recorded probably close to twenty songs so far, and they’re all starting to get in pretty good shape. We’re now starting to whittle that down what’s gonna be the record“, Dave Gahan says in an interview with Clashmusic. The new record will be more „bluesy and raw“ than it’s predecessor. „It’s definitely influenced by the blues and at the same time underlined with a lot of hope within the music, and also lyrically“.

Also Notable: Dave Gahan doesn’t care about bad reviews. „We get stuck in our ways a bit. I push all the time […] to keep things as raw as possible. They get a little bit afraid of that, in case we’re all gonna get judged. You’ve kinda got to let go of that. Yes, you are going to get judged, but I’d rather get really shitty reviews than mediocre reviews.“

 Sven Plaggemeier
Sven ist Gründer und Betreiber von depechemode.de. In seinem Hauptberuf arbeitet er zurzeit als Online-Projektmanager, Social Median und Online-Redakteur. Du kannst Sven bei Facebook, Xing und LinkedIn treffen.

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