Christoffer Berg: I studion med Depeche ModeThis is an insight … into the studio work of Depeche Mode. The new issue of the swedish magazine Studio (order online) features a story about Christoffer Berg who is working with Depeche Mode on the new album.

Berg’s programming for the band. The 30 year old swedish producer and song writer already worked with or for artists like Fever Ray, Justin Timberlake, The Knife, Massive Attack an recently VCMG. In „In The Studio With Depeche Mode“ he talks about the work with the band and other interesting stuff. Here are the key facts:

Update [11.09.2012] To separate Christoffer Bergs quotes from assumptions of the reporter, we added quotations mark. Sorry for any confusion.

  • The whole production will take 140 days
  • Because Dave Gahan and Martin Gore like to stay with their family, the album is produced in Santa Barbara, where Martin lives, and New Nork, home of Dave.
  • Everyone stays at the same hotel; they have dinner together at the end of the day.
  • Martin is still addicted to analogue synthesizers, that he buys on eBay. So the band works with a lot of different synthesizers, among which is a Eurorack system with 800 modules. You’ll find a list of used instruments below.
  • The Band uses Logic and Pro Tools as recording software
  • A recording day starts with producer Ben Hillier and the production team arriving at the studio between 9 and 10, followed bei Fletch, Martin and last Dave Gahan.
  • Every song starts with Martin’s or Dave’s demo and Ben Hillier’s ideas about what to do with it. Everone can bring in his ideas, the atmosphere is open. Usually the band tries to find a structure for the song first, so that the vocals can be tested. To get the best out of Dave’s voice they work with so called stem mixes and pitch his voice in Ableton live – a music software – until Dave can do a base vocal in the end. According to Berg this is important, because sometimes a half note decides whether a voice sounds okay or pressed.
  • They try to get Martin Gore to play as much as possible all the time
  • This one will interest you most: Christoffer Berg doesn’t want to reveal how the album could sound like, but he thinks „that the songs are fantastic“. And: „For the first time Martin has found a voice in his songs from a perspective of sound and that is not Alan Wilder’s world of synthesizers but Martin Gore’s universe of sound.“

Now isn’t tis exciting news? We think it is!

Synthesizers Depeche Mode use

Moog 55, Memorymoog, Voyetra Eight, Macbeth M5N, Oberheim Matrix 12, Sem Pro and Two Voice. Tre Arp 2600 in a rack, two racks with Serge modules, Roland System 100, 100M, Jupiter 8, TR808, and 909, EMS Synthi, Ensoniq Fizmo, Gleeman Clear, Steiner-Parker, Vermona Lancet plus an Eurorack system with 800 modules.

The original english translation of the swedish article can be found on the Home-Forum.

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  1. ERIKA
    4.9.2012 - 20:54 Uhr


    Beacause I´m a Devotee and I´m happy to know about DM news,how is the proccess of made an album ,the way of live of the album,just I want that DEPECHE MODE visite Chile in the Tour 2013-14 and the DVD now will be film in South America,Chile by example.Congrats to the guys DAVE,MARTIN & ANDREW …well I´M WAITING FOR THE NEXT REPORT # 2 ;-)